Mix your own ambient noises to create a custom environment.
Boost productivity, sleep better, and enhance your meditation.

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overview of exhale

Exhale is your new personal productivity companion in the form of an ambient noise app.
You can use Exhale to create a custom environment separate from the distracting noises that plague our soundscapes.
You can use Exhale at home, at work, at school, at the spa, or anywhere else to bring the wonders of nature right to your doorstep.
Here we will go over some of the most effective uses of Exhale by SoundGrail.

sounds of exhale

The best part about Exhale is that you can customize your own environment with a variety of unique sounds.
You can activate each sound individually and set the volume to create the perfect mix of elements
Exhale offers nature sounds such as rain sounds, ocean sounds, island sounds, beach sounds, and other soothing sounds of the natural environment.
Exhale provides calming animal sounds such as a cat purring, a sheep, bird noises, and more.
Exhale also offers other miscellanous sounds such as white noise, brown noise, and pink noise.
SoundGrail has been alive since 2010 and Exhale is our newest development made specifically to help you focus and relax.

exhale for relaxing meditation music and sounds

Exhale offers soothing, relaxing meditation music for pure, clean, and positive energy during your meditation sessions
Listening to relaxation music helps to quiet the mind which is often plagued by other annoyances and interfering sounds. This allows you to enter into the place of deep stillness and inner peace that meditation brings.

exhale for yoga music and yoga sounds

To get the most out of Yoga, one need to channel breath and stay in the present moment, clearing the mind of all outside notions.
Relaxing yoga sounds and yoga music can absolutely help your mental environemt stay focused and fade effortlessly away into a trance. With calming ambience you will find that you are able to reach each pose more deeply and hold them longer, as your concentration is enhanced. This makes Yoga a more enjoyable and more fulfilling experience.

relaxing sleep music and sleep sounds help you rest better

Listening to relaxing music and relaxing ambient sounds before and during sleep will allow you to focus less on the worries you have on your mind and focus more on your own quiet thoughts.
Drifitng off to sleep while listening to ambient noises and music is key to relaxation. With soothing sleep music playling, you create a healthy environment with the mind that helps to re-establish a connection to your sense of inner peace. It also allows you to feel completely secure. As a result your will enjoy deeper, more restful sleep.

better concentration at work or when studying

If you've never noticed how relaxing music can improve your work productivity and efficiency then now is the time to try it! Listening to meditation music makes it so much easier to focus your mind while working and studying. You will accomplish much more than you might think!