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The Amazing Benefits of Using Rain Sounds and Ambient Noise for Relaxation and Sleep

Have you ever been up when it was pouring heavily? One moment you are nursing a cup of hot chocolate and listening to the rain, when the next you are dozing off on the couch, thanks to the calming sound of the falling rain.

Why is rain sound so soothing? White noise has been found to have physiological effects on the mind.

Benefits of white noise

Smoother Yoga Practice

When practicing yoga, you need to tune the world out and just focus in your breathing.

This is not always possible with the nature of our human minds that are always wandering. Ambient noise helps filter noise from the surroundings for a better more relaxing practice.

It’s Relaxing and Promotes Deep Sleep

You sleep much better when your mind is at rest.

The mind, being restless, is usually pulled to trouble itself over so many other things going on that are not within its control, but having soothing rain sounds brings calmness and you will fall asleep before you know it.

Better Focus and Concentration

The rain sounds app is not only handy when sleeping, but it also helps when studying of working.

The calming noise creates an environment for the mind to focus on the chore at hand by filtering the footsteps of your co-workers, hooting cars, and the machines in the office. It is also handy in hotels when you can’t sleep and in the plane.

You become much more productive when the stressors around you cannot get through to you.

Combats ADHD

White noise is said to help calm children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

It helps them focus on one thing for longer that they would without it. The rain sounds app, being so easy to use and portable will help your child study well and stay on a task till completion.

While the benefits of white sounds are amazing, you will not always have rain or the ocean to sooth you.

What is the alternative especially when you could use some beauty sleep? Well, Exhale, an ambient noise app, is a game changer.

It allows you to mix your preferred noises that will help you sleep better and be more productive the day after.

This app has several noises, including bird noises, water in the sea, rain falling, sheep noises, cat purring, and many more.

You can choose to set one to play repeatedly as you try and fall asleep, or you could mix them up to get a variety of sounds.

Exhale Sounds not only gives out white noise, but it also includes pink and brown noise for variety. All the noises imitate their natural aspect ideally and you have control over the volume of each unique sound.

You could choose to play individual noises then set the app so that the noises alternate. Also, you can choose to mix two or three (or more) so that they all play harmoniously at the same time. It allows you to manipulate individual noises so that one or two stay dominant over the others.