Mix your own ambient noises to create a custom environment.
Boost productivity, sleep better, and enhance your meditation.

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about exhale

Background noise and ambiance help you drown out other noises that may interfere with your precious concentration and productivity levels. This free app lets you create your perfect environment for relaxing, being productive, working, studying, meditation, yoga, sleep and more! You can mix any combination of different sounds and create your custom sound environment tailored to your personal need and taste.

history of exhale

Exhale is part of a larger project called SoundGrail which is centrally focused on helping record producers and music enthusiasts by providing resources, promotion and an outlet for great music. SoundGrail has been alive since 2010 and Exhale is our newest development made specifically to help you focus and relax.

the mission of exhale

We are passionate about creating the best ambient noise app on the market. Our goal is simply to provide the most user-friendly, customizable and tailored experience for our users. We know that not every person is the same and thus we strive to supply a variety of unique sounds that provide the ultimate customization. Whether you are meditating, sleeping, studying, or working we can assure you that there is a way Exhale can help you achieve your goals!